Padma Lakshmi Picks Mother's Day Gifts for Luxe Living In and Out of the Kitchen

The Top Chef host and mom to daughter Krishna, 12, shares her favorite cookware, skincare and beyond

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Padma's Picks for Mom

Padma Lakshmi gift guide

Leave it to Padma Lakshmi to choose Mother's Day gifts that are not only functional and fashionable, but also affordable (all her gifts are under $100!).

From tiny tasting spoons that come in four shades of gorgeous mango wood, to the best mask for overnight hydration, there's something for everyone.

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Karma Tasting Spoons

Padma Lakshmi Mother's Day Gift Guide

"These are my favorite little spoons. I keep them right next to my stove for stirring spices as they temper in oil, or for tasting from a deep pot," says Lakshmi.

Buy It! Wood Tasting Spoons, $20 for 4;

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Ancient Cookware Molcajete

Padma Lakshmi Mother's Day Gift Guide

"Freshly ground spices are integral to so much of my cooking," she says. "I love to toast, then grind them" in this 8-in. mortar and pestle, which she also uses for guacamole and pesto.

Buy It! Ancient Cookware Molcajete, $60;

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Muji Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Padma Lakshmi Mother's Day Gift Guide

"I love these diffusers. The essential oils make any room smell fantastic. Plus, it can double as a humidifier and night-light," she says. Choose from scents like French lavender, yuzu and sweet orange!

Buy It! Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser, $70;

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Cuyana Flap Cardholder

Padma Lakshmi Mother's Day Gift Guide

Lakshmi adores this cardholder and all the leather goods from this women-owned company. "The products are luxurious, timeless and incredibly long-lasting," she says.

Buy It! Flap Cardholder, $78;

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Joyce Chen Wok Set

Padma Lakshmi Mother's Day Gift Guide

This set includes a large wok, lid, two racks, chopsticks, tongs, rice paddle, spatula and a cookbook. "I've had mine for so long," says Lakshmi. "It's one of my most-used pans."

Buy It! Joyce Chen 10-Piece Wok Set, $90;

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Love, Loss, and What We Ate

Padma Lakshmi Mother's Day Gift Guide

In her moving memoir, Lakshmi writes of the women who made an impact on her. "I hope my story can help inspire other women and girls," she says.

Buy It! Love, Loss, and What We Ate, $18;

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Galaxy Starlight Projector

Padma Lakshmi Mother's Day Gift Guide

"This is great for moms and babies," she says of this projector that turns any room into a light show. "It sounds kitschy, but it's really cool!" Sync it with your phone to add soothing sounds.

Buy It! Galaxy Starlight Projector, $40;

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Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Padma Lakshmi Mother's Day Gift Guide

"It's light and a great thirst quencher for skin, without feeling greasy," says Lakshmi, who received this moisturizer as a gift from her daughter. "I keep a jar by my bedside."

Buy It! Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, $29;

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