Jimmy Kimmel Crashes a Movie Theater During Live Oscars Telecast with Celebs and Snacks

The 2018 Academy Awards host enlisted celebrities to give candy to unsuspecting movie-goers

Can Jimmy Kimmel bring Armie Hammer with a hot dog cannon to every movie theater from now on?

The 2018 Academy Awards host enlisted a few of the celebrities in the audience to go across the street to a showing of A Wrinkle in Time at the TCL Chinese Theatre, to thank them for supporting the movie industry.

Kimmel asked for volunteers, and Gal Gadot, Lupita Nyong’o, Ansel Elgort, Armie Hammer, Margot Robbie, Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mark Hamill and Guillermo del Toro enthusiastically joined in.


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“Guillermo you want to come with us?” Kimmel said in surprise at the Shape of Water director’s decision to go. “You know you’re nominated in nearly every category, so this could be difficult.”

During a commercial break, the celebrities were given baskets of candy, trays of sandwiches and — most impressively — hot dog-shaped hot dog cannons, which Armie Hammer gleefully shot into the crowd.

At first, Kimmel went into the theater with just Gadot and her basket of treats—and was met with screams and applause.

“We’re sorry we interrupted the movie,” Kimmel told the movie-goers. “This is so much better than the Oscars!” Gadot exclaimed.

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Interestingly, Kimmel’s nose noticed that something was off in the theater.

“There is a strong aroma of marijuana here,” he joked. “It’s true,” Gadot added, before adding with a hint of sarcasm, “I wouldn’t know though…”

“You’re live on the Oscars right now,” Kimmel told the audience. “We were talking about our appreciation for people who go to the movies, and that is you guys. And we have a surprise for you as well: I noticed you don’t have any snacks.”

The rest of the celebrities came in to more screams, and Hammer excitedly shot hot dogs into the crowd.


“Do not aim the hot dogs at the vegetarians,” Kimmel warned. “This is better than Halloween.”

The host then enlisted a member of the audience named Mike to introduce the next presenters, Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph — though Mike struggled to pronounce Haddish’s last name.

Kimmel has a history of bringing unsuspecting people into the Oscars broadcast. During the 2017 ceremony, he invited a tour bus group directly into the theater.

The 2018 Oscars are at the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center on March 4 and telecast live on ABC.

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