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Updated December 08, 2020 01:28 PM

Awards season is winding down, but, as always, it’s going out with a bang: The Oscars.

The last and certainly not least awards show is happening this weekend (what, you didn’t know?), and we’re anxiously awaiting the surprises that host Neil Patrick Harris surely has up his tuxedo-ed sleeve.

Last year’s Academy Awards host Ellen DeGeneres made headlines by not only taking a selfie that literally broke Twitter (which Harris has already vowed to top) but also by ordering a bunch of pizzas and passing out slices to the A-list crowd during the show.

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Our fingers are crossed for another tasty food delivery — but not for the been-there-done-that pizzas. Here’s what we hope NPH divvies up to the star-studded spectators:

Cookie Fashion

1. Oscar Gown Cookies

Each of these Oscar gown cookies took eight hours to complete, not unlike how long it will take the stars to get red-carpet ready for the big night. Plus, we’d definitely like to see Reese Witherspoon go wild (get it?) and bite off her own head off.


2. In-N-Out Burgers

A local haunt that stars have been known to ravage post-show (we see you, Emma Roberts!), In-N-Out burgers being passed out during the Oscars would save the hungry stars a trip, though it may cost them an Instagram photo op.

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3. Jars of Nutella

To memorialize Michele Ferrero, the owner of the Nutella company who passed away on Feb. 14, handing out jars of Nutella with spoons as a commemorative snack seems fitting. Plus, it would help the stars seem a little bit more like us commoners — at home on Sunday night, watching the Oscars with a jar of Nutella in one hand and spoon in the other.


4. Waffles from Waffle House

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian had possibly the most high-low double date ever with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen at Waffle House, plus other stars like Donnie Wahlberg love to hit up this late night diner. Plus, who doesn’t like breakfast for dinner?

Jack White Guacamole

5. Jack White’s Guacamole

More controversial than Angelina Jolie’s leg (though sans-Twitter handle), we’re sure that Jack White’s super-specific guacamole recipe could be made even more delicious by Neil Patrick Harris and his chef husband David Burtka.

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Fifty Shades Cake

6. A Cake Sculpture of Christian Grey’s Abs

Come on, we all know that Jamie Dornan’s six-pack was the real star of Fifty Shades of Grey. Sorry, Dakota Jonhson.

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7. George Clooney’s tequila

A few sips of George Clooney‘s own tequila brand could help loosen up the audience in preparation for the night’s long speeches. But, maybe this time, the actor will actually take a shot on the red carpet and make our dreams come true.

—Jillian Lucas