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Updated December 08, 2020 11:50 AM

Win the award for Best Party Ever when you throw an Academy Awards bash using these clever food and decorating ideas from Pinterest. From cookies shaped like Oscar statues to hot dogs rocking a tux (really!), we’ve got you covered. (Need cocktail ideas? Click HERE for drinks inspired by the 2014 nominees.)

Since the Oscars celebrate the year’s best films, it’s practically a legal requirement that you serve popcorn at your party. Fill large bowls with jazzed-up varieties (try our peanut butter-chocolate and coconut flavors), plus other cinematic treats like honey-roasted nuts. Fun props for guests to play with: a director’s bullhorn and a clapboard (“Action!”).

Taking home a statue is what the night is all about, so let each of your guests feel like a winner with these sugar-cookie awards decorated with icing and gold sugar. For a glam spin, make Christina Tosi’s sugar cookies with easy champagne frosting.

If you’re planning on awarding guests with their own (imaginary) Oscars, you’ll need the all-important presenter cards for each category. The cards are easy to make with thick colored paper, gold glitter, glue and your computer. The awards can follow real Oscar categories like Best Dressed and Best Hair and Makeup or be silly like Best Mustache or Best Ellen DeGeneres Lookalike.

As if cake pops weren’t cute enough, now they’re wearing mini tuxes made of white and dark chocolate! Try dressing up plump strawberries, too, with the same sartorial splendor.

Frosted star cookies customized with guests’ names will make your pals feel they belong on Hollywood’s A-list! The sweet treats are modeled after the sidewalk stars on the Walk of Fame in L.A., which pays tribute to Tinseltown’s greatest actors and actresses from past to present.

Here’s a festive way to dress up simple champagne flutes—glue velvet bow ties and two tiny buttons on glasses. (Make sure you leave enough room towards the rim for sipping.)

If you can’t imagine going to the movies without snacking on candy, then this sweets table is a party must. Go with classic confections — Twizzlers, Whoppers, Reese’s Pieces, Cracker Jack — but throw in a modern treat, too, like cake balls. To make the gold stands, spray-paint inexpensive candle holders, superglue them to clear jars and add ribbons.

Get your centerpiece in on the theme too: Hide a small vase inside a clean movie popcorn box (buy online or at your local theater) and fill with classic red roses.

Tuxedos are appropriate at an Oscars bash, even if they’re only worn by hot dogs! To make these adorable tuxes, fold black tissue and white butcher papers around a weiner in a bun and accessorize with a red paper bow tie.

These do double-duty: Guests can keep track of their drinks all night and pretend they’re an Oscar nominee! The charms are printed on gold or white card stock and tied to the glass with ribbon.

—Nancy Mattia

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