Oscar Mayer Debuts Hot Dog-Flavored Ice Cream with Actual Candied Hot Dog Pieces

Would you try it?

Oscar Mayer Ice Dog Sandwich
Photo: Oscar Mayer

On Wednesday, the world was introduced to the newest (and potentially weirdest) ice cream flavor to hit the market: French’s mustard-flavored ice cream. Now, there’s an even newer, and maybe even weirder, variety: Oscar Mayer hot dog-flavored ice cream. No need to rub your eyes — you read that right.

Oscar Mayer took to Twitter on Thursday morning to share news of their most recent innovation, the Oscar Mayer Ice Dog Sandwich, taking a shot at French’s new mustard ice cream in the process. “Who eats just mustard @Frenchs?,” the tweet began. “Condiments were made for Oscar Mayer hot dogs. Say hello to the Oscar Mayer Ice Dog Sandwich – [hot dog emoji] flavored ice cream, made with our better hot dogs, sandwiched with spicy mustard [ice cream emoji].”

Created in honor of National Ice Cream Sandwich Day on August 2, the Ice Dog Sandwich was designed to taste like an Oscar Mayer hot dog in frozen form. (Because, you know, what goes better with a tube of meat than a cold, creamy dessert?) Two rectangular cookie “buns” hold together a layer of hot dog-infused sweet cream blended with real candied hot dog pieces, and a layer of spicy dijon-infused gelato. We know what you’re thinking and yes, there are actual hot dog chunks in this ice cream sandwich.

Oscar Mayer collaborated with New York City-based ice cream company il laboratorio del gelato to create the Ice Dog Sandwich, working to translate the experience of eating a hot dog into ice cream form. Want to get your hands on one of these unique treats? If you too are New York City-based, you’re in luck. A Wienermobile dressed up as a traditional ice cream truck will be out and about in Manhattan the week of August 12, handing out free samples of the sweet and salty sandwich.

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Not in the Big Apple? A representative for Oscar Mayer tells PEOPLE that those interested in sampling the Ice Dog Sandwich can “slide into Oscar Mayer’s DMs on Twitter to find out how they can get their hands on” one, no matter what state you’re from. They also suggest following the hashtag #OscarMayerIceCream on Twitter to stay up to date on the meaty news.

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