The new sandwich cookies feature three layers of creme in patriotic colors
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Olympics Oreos
Credit: Nabisco

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps once said, “You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.” And if you think about it, he could have been talking about Oreo‘s newest cookie.

The company confirmed to PEOPLE on Friday that they will be releasing red, white and blue Team USA cookies ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games this July. We dreamt about them and now it’s all coming together.

Oreo will be launching the patriotic cookies this summer as a proud sponsor of Team USA. And that’s not all. A representative for the company confirmed to PEOPLE that “Oreo will have even more for fans to enjoy ahead of the 2020 Games.” You’ll need to stay tuned to find out just exactly what they mean.

The Team USA cookies were first spotted on Jan. 23 by @junkfoodleaks_ on Instagram, who pointed out that the three layers of creme add up to the same amount as the beloved Mega Stuf Oreos. The account wrote, “Olympic Oreos are standard, and have as much creme/calories as a mega stuf oreo, so nothing too groundbreaking — though your tongue might change colors with this one ???.”

Some users pointed out in the comments that they were hoping for golden cookies instead of the standard black ones. “Olympic Oreos could had used golden cookies DUH! To represent gold medals,” one person said. “And maybe flavor the cremes blueberry & cherry?” Another person joked, “Lol The Red/Blue/White remind me of toothpaste ?.”

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While there are still a couple months until the Olympics Oreos officially hit stores, there are two new exciting flavors that are in stores now: Caramel Coconut and Chocolate Marshmallow.

You should also prepare for the arrival of the cookie company’s upcoming Tiramisu flavor. The new treats will feature a two-layer tiramisu-flavored creme — most likely the traditional vanilla creme and a coffee creme to create a seriously delicious dessert. They will be hitting shelves in April for a limited time, a representative told PEOPLE in early January.

This past year was also a pretty big one for Oreo. A total of 14 new and limited edition flavors were released including favorites like S’mores Oreos, Latte Creme Oreo Thins, Marshmallow Moon Oreos, Baskin Robins Mint Chocolate Chip Oreos, and Maple Creme Oreos.