Oreo Unveils New Churro Cookie As Its Latest Mystery Flavor

The new cookie has a strong hint of cinnamon.

Oreo Mystery flavor churro
Photo: Nabisco

After months of keeping us in the dark, Oreo finally revealed the flavor of their Mystery Oreo, and it’s not what we guessed it would be.

When PEOPLE staffers tried the treats in September — which came in an ambiguous white package with cookies that looked exactly like regular Oreos — we were overwhelmed by the scent of cinnamon and ended up betting on a Teddy Grahams flavor (the brand previously collaborated with Fruity Pebbles for a mystery flavor in 2017).

Well, it turns out that we were thoroughly incorrect. The Mystery Flavor is in fact…Churro.

In an email to PEOPLE, a rep for Oreo gave us some background information pertaining to the new cookie.

“Known for delighting street fair and carnival goers across the globe, Churro is becoming an increasingly popular flavor trend in the U.S., which made it the perfect, playful Mystery OREO flavor to surprise fans.” They continued, “The hints of cinnamon flavor in Churro flavored creme were picked up by many supertasters. Other than Churro, popular flavor guesses included funnel cake, graham cracker, gingerbread and more.”

Clearly other people also thought the flavor had something to do with graham crackers, so for all intents and purposes, we’ll be considering ourselves runners-up.

Oreo Mystery flavor churros

The Oreo website revealed that the winner of their Mystery Oreo sweepstakes and $50,000 cash prize has been notified directly, but did not give any more information regarding his or her whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Oreo fans have responded to the news of the flavor with both enthusiasm and confusion…apparently, a lot of people correctly guessed the flavor but did not win the prize.

Nicole Lovar of Bachelor in Paradise jokingly joined in on the fun and commented on Oreo’s Instagram post, “That’s so strange I just refreshed my email and it’s not there?? Hello? Oreo? It’s me.” Others wondered where they could find the Churro cookies in stores.

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While you’re waiting to try the new flavor, check out Oreo’s new products that have already hit the shelves, including their viral Oreo Dunk Sets, Oreo-inspired ugly Christmas sweaters, and, of course, their Holiday Chocolate Cookie House kit that lets customers build an Oreo version of a gingerbread house.

You can also keep an eye out for the debut of two new Oreo flavors: Chocolate Marshmallow and Caramel Coconut. The former is filled with real marshmallow pieces and a chocolate-marshmallow creme, while the latter is stuffed with coconut bits and caramel creme. Their release was announced two weeks ago on Instagram and Twitter, and we should expect to see them in stores early next year.

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