Oreo Launches Triple-Stuffed Team USA Cookies in Honor of the Summer Olympics

The cookies will hit shelves on June 14 ahead of the Olympic Games in Tokyo

Photo: Nabisco

While the future of this year's Olympic games is up in the air, Oreo is not missing an opportunity to release a new flavor for the potential occasion.

In honor of Team USA, Nabisco, the parent company of Oreos, is launching cookies triple-stuffed with red, white and blue creme. They will also feature popping candy inside (a trick they've previously used in their Firework Oreo flavor) and an American flag with the 5 Olympic rings etched on the chocolate cookies.

Chips Ahoy!, which is also owned by Nabisco, is also launching a limited-edition Team USA cookie with chocolate chips and red, white and blue colored candy chips. Both new cookies will hit shelves on June 14.

This is not the first time Nabisco has used their sponsorship of sporting events to release themed foods. In March, Oreo teamed up with the NBA to release limited-edition packages of NBA Dynasty Oreo Cookies featuring "six unique embossments" of "the greatest dynasties in NBA history."

However, the launch of the most recent limited-edition flavors comes amid an unknown future for this year's Olympic Games, which are set to begin in Tokyo on July 23.

chips ahoy

On Friday, Japan expanded its current COVID state of emergency but remains hopeful that the event, which has already been postponed from 2020, will still go on as planned.

In late April, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga first announced that Japan would be undergoing its third lockdown as Tokyo and three other prefectures — Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo — experienced a sharp increase in COVID-19 cases, NPR reported.

At the time, officials said the restrictions — which require a number of businesses, including bars and karaoke parlors, to remain closed —would tentatively last until May 11.

Last week, the order was expanded to include six prefectures, and as of this week, the order now applies to three additional areas, according to ESPN. Included in the latest change is Hokkaido, an island where the Olympic marathon is currently slated to take place.

"As for the Olympics, I am aware that there are various opinions (about holding the event) but our priority is stemming the spread of infections and protecting the lives and health of the Japanese people," the prime minister said during his announcement on Friday, Reuters reported.

He also said that officials will decide on another possible extension to the emergency order by the end of May. Currently, the restrictions will remain in place until May 31.

A recent survey showed that nearly 60 percent of people in Japan want the Games, which are scheduled to begin in just over two months, to be canceled this year, according to Reuters. Additionally, a petition to cancel the Olympics with 350,000 signatures was sent to organizers on Friday, reported CNN.

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