Oreo Debuts Swedish Fish-Flavored Cookies Because Why Not

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Photo: Oreo

Have you ever wished your favorite cookie would morph with your favorite chewy candy? Neither did we, but hey, that didn’t stop Oreo.

A spokesperson for Nabisco confirmed to PEOPLE on Wednesday that Swedish Fish Oreos are in fact a very real thing. The only catch is the limited-edition pack is available exclusively at Kroger, an Ohio-based supermarket chain.

The new cookie maintains its traditional crunchy, chocolate wafers but the flavored crème is where the Swedish Fish taste comes in. The bright red frosting is described “sticky, chewy” and even “slimy” by the food blog, The Impulsive Buy, who got their hands on a pack. And unlike some of the other crazy Oreo flavors Nabisco has rolled out, this one actually tastes just as you’d imagine it would.

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“It has potent, puckering pops of candied cherry and a slightly off-putting finish of waxy gelatin,” they wrote.

If a Kroger location is a bit too far for your bait and tackle to reach, the latest creation to come out of the Oreo Wonder Vault is already going for as much as $12.50 on eBay. Just whatever you do, please don’t dip them in milk.

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