UPDATE: A rep for the company has confirmed Oreo Eggs will begin rolling out to a variety of retailers nationwide in the U.S. starting in mid-February.

While many people are still working on munching through their Christmas candy (or even Halloween!), Easter is already on the minds of some.

Those in Canada and Britain are particularly excited (and lucky) because it’s been revealed they’ve had access to Oreo-flavored Cadbury Creme Eggs (!) for more than a year.

The news broke when an Instagram post from Junk Banter calling the eggs a “10/10” went viral, causing Americans to again consider a mass exodus toward our neighbors to the north (or across the pond).

The regular-sized versions of the chocolate-covered treat are said to only be available in Canada, while Brits can purchase the miniature version in stores.

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Similar to the OG of Cadbury Creme Eggs, these feature a hard outer chocolate shell but are filled with the white creme and bits of the chocolate cookie we all know and love.

When Twitter users caught wind of the news, they did what they do best, and freaked out.

And then there is this guy just teasing us all:

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