October 06, 2015 12:14 PM

Courtesy Starbucks

Even the most devoted pumpkin spice latte fans should be able to recognize the mania has gone too far this time.

The seasonal Starbucks flavored coffee has formed a mysterious secret club called The Orange Sleeve Society. That’s right. A hush-hush group based on a devotion to a latte based on a gourd.

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So, what are the perks of being a member of the OSS glitterati? Twitter user @Kendalabills posted pictures of the *highly exclusive* swag from the Orange Sleeve Society that she received in the mail:

Contents include a card declaring her an “Official Member” of the society, as well as a knit orange beverage holder. A note, from “The Real PSL,” reads: “You Love Pumpkin, You Love Spice, Enjoy This Knitted, Holding Device.”


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How do you become a member of this elite society? Well, that’s a little less mysterious. Click on this link to get your very own knit beverage holder. (You don’t even have to endure a dangerous, ritualistic initiation.)

Do they hold meetings? And if so, what do they discuss? PSL backlash? The merits of whip versus no-whip? Skim versus whole? Venti versus grande?

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OK, we’re a little curious. And yeah, maybe we want to be apart of it, as we do all clubs where we’re not members.

—Maria Yagoda, @mariayagoda

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