June 15, 2015 05:42 PM

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The ladies of Litchfield have to deal with some very unpleasant meals while locked up (like Piper’s tampon sandwich from season 1), but that doesn’t mean the Orange Is the New Black actresses don’t have serious palates in their real lives.

The food website Delish.com caught up with the cast to beg the question: What food would you go to prison for? And their answers are both random and awesome.

While Taryn Manning‘s character Pennsatucky praises Jesus, Manning worships Mexican and pizza.

“In California we have a place called Del Taco; otherwise Taco Bell is my weakness. I can’t get enough mild sauce in the yellow packet,” she said, adding her other true love is “margherita pizza that is extra crispy, and super thin.”

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The Netflix show’s Assistant to the Warden Alysia Reiner revealed she is all about the sweets.

When she’s not having some kind of chocolate “every day,” Reiner says she’s “dipping marshmallows in peanut butter. I ask my husband to hide the peanut butter so I don’t go crazy.”

Some of our other favorite food answers include Jackie Cruz (Flaca) admitting she drinks leftover salad dressing, Laura Gomez (Blanca) saying she’d “fight with someone for a good French onion soup,” and the series’ resident mute Annie Golden (Norma) not having much of a response at all.

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“I’m not really a foodie. I’m pretty bland,” says Golden but admitting: “If I go to a restaurant, I look for the appetizers and if they have a shrimp cocktail, I’m good to go. When they don’t, I kind of go, ‘Really? Really?’ “

Orange Is the New Black season 3 is streaming now on Netflix.

—Ana Calderone, @anacalderone

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