Oprah said to “put it on everything” and “give it to everyone” — so we are

By Christina Butan
November 13, 2019 12:57 PM
Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage; Amazon

In case you missed it, Oprah released her highly anticipated “favorite things” list last week. The festive guide is filled with 79 products ranging from tech to beauty to stylish gifts — even the viral Amazon coat made the cut. The best part of the list (other than the fact that all the items on it are amazing, because Oprah said so) is that everything is available on Amazon. And out of all the goodies on there, the one item PEOPLE readers have purchased the most is this limited-edition Truff hot sauce.

Truff, considered a “luxury” hot sauce brand, has made quite a name for itself since launching in 2017. Made with a special blend of red chili peppers, black truffle, agave nectar, and spices, the original Black Truffle Infused Hot Sauce has hundreds of raving reviews on Amazon and was featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2018. This year, the brand has created a limited edition bottle, formulated with white truffle and coriander.

Credit: Amazon

Buy It! TRUFF Hot Sauce, White Truffle Limited Release, $34.99; amazon.com

Ever since its debut on Amazon and Oprah’s 2019 list, the sauce has not only become the retail giant’s number one best-selling hot sauce, but its overall best-selling sauce, too.

“What can I say? The packaging is cool, the hot sauce is sublime! I live for the black truffle version, but this white-truffle-infused limited release is slightly sweet, slightly exotic, and every bit as delicious,” Oprah says in the December issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. “Put it on everything. Give it to everyone.”

And shoppers who have already tried the new sauce say the price tag is worth it.

“I can’t believe I spent 35 bucks on hot sauce… but it’s worth every penny. I put it on pastas, meats, veggies, eggs, popcorn, you name it. Literally any savory dish you wanna spice up. Truff is my go to sauce brand. The flavor is incredible with just the right amount of heat. Will definitely buy again,” one shopper wrote.

Another customer said, “It’s beautiful — 10/10 hands down. I don’t even like to stand next to the packaging because I know it makes me look less attractive. Yes, but what about the taste you may ask? The flavors of this white truffle hot sauce is so complex and tastes differently depending on what you are pairing it with.. .but without a doubt, it tastes amazing every time. The flavors will dance around your mouth and tease your taste buds with delight.”

So if you haven’t added it to your cart yet, we’re not sure what you’re waiting for, because this might be the only time to shop Truff’s Limited Edition White Truffle Hot Sauce before it’s gone for good. You can check out the rest of Oprah’s favorite items, including more home and kitchen selections, by visiting amazon.com/oprah.