The Best Kitchen Tools and Most Delicious Food Gifts from Oprah's Favorite Things

From truffle mac and cheese to colorful hand mixers, these are the best food gifts from the media mogul's highly-anticipated list.

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Gifts for Foodies

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Oprah Winfrey is back with her annual gift guide, Oprah's Favorite Things, and it's the biggest list yet. Appearing in the December issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, the list is filled with 107 items ranging from tech tools to her favorite pajamas and mouthwatering edible gifts. Here we rounded up the best of the bunch for the foodie in your life—and why they landed on Winfrey's list.

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AARKE Premium Stainless Steel Carbonator/Sparking Water-Maker


"Know a family that wants to do away with sugary drinks in plastic bottles? These gadgets turn tap water into seltzer, providing an easy, economical way to tickle your nose."


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Kate Weiser's Carl The Drinking ChocolateSnowman

Gregor Halenda

"If Frosty were stuffed with mini marshmallows, he’d be like Carl here. Just place this hunk of a chocolate man into a pot of milk, turn up the heat, and watch him melt into a few mugs’ worth of rich cocoa."


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Canvas Home Abbesses Platters

Gregor Halenda

"Instead of bringing your hostess a bottle of wine, put together an antipasto. Her surprise present: the porcelain platter with handpainted rim. Actually, they’re a lot like the dishes I have at home."


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Eli’s Cheesecake Holiday Dippers

Gregor Halenda

"This creative twist on Chicago-style cheesecake, all dressed up in dark and white chocolate, is meant to be enjoyed fork-free. They just might be the fanciest cake pops ever."


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Fleischer & Wolf Portland Ash Eight-Piece Knife-BlockSet

Gregor Halenda

"The magnetic block, knives, and sharpener take up hardly any space, and the glass protector will be welcomed by anyone who’s ever been stabbed when they grabbed."


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Hilliards Chocolates Hanukkah Bark and Peppermint Bark boxes

Gregor Halenda

"This made-in-Massachusetts dark chocolate holiday bark is sprinkled with red and green or blue crushed candy, so you can color-coordinate your end of-year festivities."


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Montes Doggett Pitcher “No 971”

Gregor Halenda

"Is it a vase? Is it a pitcher? How about both! This double-duty three-liter vessel made by artisans in Peru can turn mundane into magical on every table it graces."


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Lobster Truffle Mac And Cheese

Gregor Halenda

"Adding fresh Maine lobster to mac and cheese is as good as it gets, or at least I thought so until I tried this version sprinkled with truffle oil. I’m sending a few of these to the crustacean fans in my life."


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Philips Avance Smokeless Indoor Grill

Gregor Halenda

"When Adam Glassman said this smokeless indoor grill makes meat and veggies taste like they were cooked over charcoal, I had my doubts—until he made me a burger!"


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Urbani Truffle Burger Kit

Gregor Halenda

"O my my my — these burgers blended with black truffles are so good! Add dabs of truffle-saturated mustard or ketchup, and your grill game will never be the same."


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Chicago Metallic Professional Lasagna Trio Pans

Gregor Halenda

"When you have a family of varying appetites, these will come in handy. All three pan sections are lasagna-noodle size—great for that gang of vegetarian, gluten-free, and carnivorous eaters."


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Axis Lever Corkscrews

Gregor Halenda

"The Rabbit is the easiest corkscrew I’ve ever come across. Give one to friends with a nice bottle of wine, and they’ll never drink bits of cork again."


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Martin’s Bar-B-Que Sauce Bucket


"Your fire-loving friends will savor this sampler. Each of the five barbecue sauces in the reusable pail pays homage to a Southern hot spot, from Tennessee to Alabama."


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Truff Hot Sauce

Gregor Halenda

"This spicy, black-truffleinfused sauce is the really delicious deal. But don’t just take my word for it: Stedman was a Louisiana Hot Sauce man for 30 years before he tasted this stuff."


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Black + Decker Helix Performance Premium Hand Mixers

Gregor Halenda

"Sure, most bakers own a mixer, but does it store its attachments in one sleek snap-on case? Fine...but is it violet? Not only am I saving cupboard space, I’m giving you the color purple! And other colors, too!"


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