Oprah Winfrey Reveals What She Would Eat For Her Last Meal

The media mogul loves her carbs.

If she could choose anything for her final meal, what would Oprah Winfrey want?

“Pasta,” she tells PEOPLE. “If I we’re going to choose my last week, they would all be pastas.”

“I love a thing all thrown together in a skillet. It’s part of the life that I grew up with. When I grew up, tuna casserole was one of my favorite things in the world because you get all the stuff mixed together. And I’m one of those people who loves to mix all of my food together.”

That love of pasta inspired Winfrey to introduce frozen skillets on her O, That’s Good line from Kraft, available this fall. The meals consist of comfort food with a healthy twist, chicken alfredo made with pureed cauliflower instead of cream. Other new additions include garlic chicken and potatoes, vegetable tortellini, and sausage and rigatoni.

Andrew H Walker/Shutterstock

“It’s convenient for people who want something delicious and want something healthy all in one skillet,” she says, pointing out that each helping only has 5-7 WW points. “This is just the way I like to eat so we’re trying to create something for everybody.”

On Wednesday, Winfrey also posted a video of herself on Instagram “cooking dinner for Stedman” using the garlic chicken and potatoes frozen skillet meal from her line. The whole dinner came together in less than ten minutes, as she demonstrated with a timer.

Winfrey previously added cauliflower crust frozen pizzas to her O, That’s Good line in August 2018.

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