By peoplestaff225
Updated June 12, 2013 04:36 PM
Oprah's Watermelon Mint Martini

What better way to dive into summer than with a light cocktail, courtesy of Oprah’s recommendation?

With the help of juice enthusiast Eduardo Chavez, the media mogul, 59, shares a few of her favorite light delights in July’s issue of O magazine.

“Friends come to stay for a week and know that there will be a different drink (with alcohol or without) waiting for us on the porch every night at sunset,” Oprah says. She calls this watermelon mint martini of the “freshest cocktails I’ve ever tasted.”

Oprah's Watermelon Mint Martini

Watermelon Mint Martini

Makes 2

6 mint leaves, plus sprigs for garnish

1 tbsp. simple syrup

1 tbsp. fresh lemon juice

1 cup watermelon cubes

½ cup vodka

• Place mint leaves, simple syrup and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker; muddle the mint, pressing and twisting to release its oils.

• Add watermelon cubes and muddle until they are juiced.

• Fill shaker with ice and shake vigorously until very cold.

• Strain into 2 chilled martini glasses.

• Garnish with mint sprigs and serve.