Watch Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey Go Grocery Shopping for the First Time in 'Years'

The dynamic duo head to a local supermarket and wreak havoc together down every aisle.

Talk about a dream shopping duo.

On Wednesday’s episode of The Ellen Show, Oprah Winfrey and longtime pal DeGeneres stopped by a local grocery store and the two wreaked (hilarious) havoc together down every aisle.

The two, who both admitted to not having gone grocery shopping in ages (for Winfrey it’s been since Thanksgiving 2016, DeGeneres just said “years”), hit the store to see Oprah’s new food product line, “O, That’s Good!”— all of which is health-conscious, heat-and-eat comfort food.

But of course, before they got there, they were like two kids in a candy shop.

Upon arrival, DeGeneres, 58, brought out large Louis Vuitton “grocery” bags and off the two went to the produce.

As they picked melons, DeGeneres pranked Winfrey into holding up two of the round melons in front of her chest, and then proceeded to snap a pic.

“I like fresh peaches too, lets get some of those,” Winfrey says while reaching for the stash. “Too hard, softer. softer, softer, softer, softer” she adds looking for the perfect one.

“Oprah’s touched all the peaches everybody!” DeGeneres announces to the store. “Whoever wants a peach Oprah’s touched them.”

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Next, holding the phone to the loudspeaker DeGeneres says, “What else did you want? Odor-Eaters, dandruff shampoo and ointment. What is the ointment for?”

Once they finally reach Winfrey’s products in the refrigerator section, the 63-year-old mogul was thrilled to see her line debuted—while DeGeneres pulls out a bottle of alcohol from the Louis Vuitton. “Oprah what is this in your bag? Why do you have this here?,” she jokes. The dynamic duo then taste test “O, That’s Good!” with fans.

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The line of packaged foods, in stores everywhere, includes refrigerated sides like mashed potatoes made healthier with mashed cauliflower, three-cheese pasta with added butternut squash, and soups like broccoli cheddar.

“I’ve been asked over the years to do anything you can imagine to attach my name to it to,” Winfrey, told PEOPLE in August of the new business venture. “I have always just wanted to stay in my lane and to do what was organic for me, authentic and natural. Food would be it.”

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