Olivia Rodrigo Made 'Dirty Soda' Trendy on TikTok — and We Tried It

TikTok's latest viral trend is a fizzy, creamy delight

olivia rodrigo
Photo: Olivia Rodrigo/Instagram

Step aside, feta pasta. Dirty soda is the new tasty trend making waves on TikTok.

In December, pop star Olivia Rodrigo posted an Instagram photo to her feed holding a cup from Swig, a soda shop that specializes in making dirty sodas.

Since then, the unconventional beverage — which consists of a soda mixed with creamer or half and half, flavored syrups, and lime juice — has popped up all across social media, and Eater is crediting Rodrigo for making it mainstream, at least in part. The #dirtysoda hashtag has been used over 700,000 times on TikTok, according to Eater.

The first two seasons of Rodrigo's breakout show, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, were filmed in Utah, where the fizzy-creamy drink has been wildly popular since the 2010s. They've become a mocktail-esque mainstay in the state likely because Utah has a large Mormon population, who don't typically drink alcohol and instead enjoy these sugary-sweet drinks, according to Vice.

Flavors have since evolved since the early craze of dirty sodas. The shop Rodrigo visited offers an expansive list of fun menu items, including Naughty & Nice, a blend of Dr. Pepper, English toffee and half and half, and more fruity flavors like the Beach Babe, which mixes Mountain Dew, raspberry, peach and vanilla cream.

Using whatever ingredients I could find in the PEOPLE office, I decided to give the TikTok-trending soda a test. First, I filled a cup almost to the brim with lots and lots of ice. I went with a classic Diet Coke mixed in with a generous pour of vanilla creamer. After a couple of sips, I decided dirty soda was definitely worth the hype.

The fizzy Diet Coke pairs perfectly with the soft vanilla creamer to create almost like an old-fashioned cream soda and a root beer float all in one cup. The amount of ice definitely made a difference, too, so don't skimp there. (Bonus points if you use pebble ice like the professionals do.)

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TikTok often circulates enticing viral recipe trends and hacks. One of the most long-lasting trends was creator Emily Mariko's salmon bowl recipe, which went viral last August.

The lifestyle vlogger's recipe overtook so many For You Pages because it's a super easy option for an in-a-pinch lunch or dinner. The recipe altogether is made up of salmon, rice, an ice cube (to help steam rice in the microwave), soy sauce, Kewpie mayonnaise and hot sauce, along with optional toppings of seaweed, kimchi and avocado.

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