The former Miss Universe has a few tips to dodge the winter bod.

By Collier Sutter
November 07, 2017 03:52 PM


We may be entering the season for winter bods, but former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo has some tips on how she stays happily in shape throughout the chilly months—including eating the occasional cheat meal.

The 25-year-old model likes to to keep it real when it comes to her food philosophy. While discussing her partnership with Stella Artois and their #HostOneToRemember campaign to inspire people to elevate their holiday parties this year, Culpo revealed that fried food has a place in her heart “in moderation,” she says.

“I love this one guilty pleasure my boyfriend [NFL star Danny Amendola] has made for me before,” she added. “It’s fried chicken cutlets with honey mustard and then jalapeño and they’re between two butter biscuits—like a sandwich—a fried chicken butter biscuit sandwich. It’s so good.”

When Culpo is not enjoying crispy fried chicken, she sticks to a routine breakfast of eggs, turkey bacon, and quinoa. “That’s one of my favorites,” she says, “or I have it with multigrain bread.”

As a California resident, the restaurant owner and avid foodie embraces the clean eating lifestyle.

John Lamparski/Getty

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“For breakfast, I love making smoothie bowls,” she says. “There’s so many different ingredients you can use. Basically you would take everything you would put into a smoothie but you can make it a little bit more firm by using frozen bananas, frozen fruit and extra ice, and you put it into a bowl.”

“Another healthy breakfast for me would be a little bit of granola with fresh berries and a low fat plain greek yogurt or a fruit salad with coffee is a staple, too,” she added. “It wakes you up and it’s refreshing.”

When the model is on her absolutely best behavior though, she juices.

“I love juicing when I’m trying to be really healthy,” she says. “I just bought a juicer and I do have to say it makes you feel really, really, really good.”