Obama Makes Pit Stop in Rhode Island for 'Death by Chocolate' Cake

Barack Obama at Gregg's Restaurant

Just hours before President Barack Obama handed out candy and cookies to White House trick-or-treaters, he had another type of food on his mind: Decadent chocolate cake.

The POTUS, who was in Rhode Island on Friday to speak about economic reform and also to support gubernatorial candidate Gina Raimondo, stopped at Gregg’s Restaurant in Providence for lunch and to pick up one of its award-winning “Death by Chocolate” cakes along with a cheeseburger, of course.

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Gregg’s owner Bob Bacon told The Providence Journal that he thought Raimondo, a regular customer, had suggested the stop. “If so, I appreciated it very much,” he said. The President apparently spent about half an hour greeting the lunch crowd, even making a video for one customer’s mother who was in the hospital.

CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller Tweeted that later on Air Force One, Obama negotiated that there would be no briefing from press secretary Josh Earnest (in honor of Halloween) in exchange for sharing his dessert with reporters:

It sounds like the six-layer chocolate cake, which is covered with fudge icing and chocolate morsels, was a satisfying trade. No word on whether Obama saved any for self-proclaimed ice-cream guy Joe Biden, though we bet a slice would have paired perfectly with a scoop of frozen goodness on top.

—Lexi Dwyer


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