Nutella Is Hiring 60 People to Taste Test Their Products

As an added bonus, the position is based in Italy.

Calling all Nutella fans—your dream job is now up for grabs.

Ferrero, the maker of the popular hazelnut spread, is seeking 60 people to hire as taste testers for their research company at their office in Alba, Italy, according to The Local.

The “sensory judges” will learn how to judge the products featuring cocoa, hazelnut and semi-finished sweets during a three-month course. The classes will begin on September 30 and will teach the new part-time employees how to “hone their sense of taste and smell” and the correct terminology to use while describing the products.

Nutella lovers fear hazelnut apocalypse

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While the position requires no previous taste testing experience, it does require that you have no allergies and know how to use a computer.

This isn’t the first time a company has put out a request for taste testers. In January, B&M, a supermarket chain in England, was looking to hire a Chicken Nugget Connoisseur, proving the job of your dreams really is out there if you just look hard enough.

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