News Bites: Joey Fatone to Open a Hot Dog Stand in Orlando, Disney Dim Sum & More

Joey Fatone from NSYNC will open a hot dog cart in Florida, a guy soaks in a pool full of Coca-Cola and more!

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Nibble on this: 5 things happening in the world of food you should know.

*NSYNC’s Joey Fatone will open a hot dog and Italian ice cart in a Florida shopping mall.
The ’90s boybander announced that he will open Fat One’s (get it?!) hot dog cart in the Florida Mall in Orlando. The menu will include specialty hot dog options like the Gone Hollywood and the Boybander—five mini hot dogs symbolizing the five members of his former band, according to the Orlando Business Journal. The opening is set for August 2016. There’s no word on whether or not he’ll sell a beverage called “Dirty Pop”. But he should. He really should.

You can eat a dim sum Disney character at the Hong Kong Disneyland.
Is this the happiest meal on earth? Guests who stay in the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort can reserve a character-themed dim sum dinner at its Crystal Lotus restaurant. Chefs are turning out steamed buns and dumplings which look like Frozen’s Olaf, Chip N’ Dale, and Chicken Little. Other cutie options include the “Little Pig Barbecue Pork Bun”, “Little Green Men Pork and Vegetable Bun” and “Mickey’s Seafood Glutinous Pancake”.

This guy filled his entire swimming pool with Coke and then swam in it.
Someone likes Coca-Cola … a lot. “After weeks of buying thousands of Coke bottles and many more hours of opening and pouring, the magnificent Coca-Cola pool was created,” writes YouTube user Ryan of his “epic” carbonated swim. So how many gallons of soda did it take to fill an entire pool? 1,500 and counting. Watch the video here.

Starbucks has two new secret pastel drinks, and we tried them both.
The coffee chain is keeping us on our toes with their hush-hush #PurpleDrink and #OrangeDrink creations. The brightly-colored drinks are perfectly built for sharing (and showing off!) on Instagram—but how do they really taste? One very-caffeinated PEOPLE reporter found out—read it here.

And the most important thing we learned today…
An Instagram lesson from Mindy Kaling: Having two kinds of birthday cake is so much better than having just one.

Tell Us: What do you think of Joey Fatone’s new restaurant venture? Have you tried one (or both!) of Starbucks new pastel drinks? And how many cakes do you want for your birthday?

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