April 04, 2016 12:14 PM

When it comes to antiquing, you don’t always get what you came for.

In the sixth episode of PEOPLE’s new web series, The Castle Next Door, Cortney Novogratz takes her sons Five, 10, and Major, 7, to Dispela Antiques in Los Angeles to look for light fixtures for their new home.

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“Stores like this must exist for anybody to have something unique and cool for their house, to really show who you are,” she says. “And it’s also like you’re recycling—you’re finding old lights and repurposing them and using them again.”

But as they explore the store, the boys end up spotting the same exact chairs that the family is using in their kitchen. Since they’ve been looking for more to match the set, it’s the perfect find.

“I came for lights but I got chairs!” says Cortney.

As for buying antiques when decorating your own home, the designer suggests always having a measuring tape in your bag, plus a few more must-know tips.

“When you see a piece, feel free to negotiate with the owner,” she says. “Sometimes drawers don’t work properly or there’s a little broken piece so you can negotiate down on the price.”

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She also encourages homeowners to not get discouraged if a piece of furniture looks old or run down.

“Update it by painting it or putting on new hardware,” she says.

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—Ana Calderone, @anacalderone

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