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Oh, those football players. They may look strong and serious but inside they’re just as goofy as the rest of us.

When Lane Johnson, a Philadelphia Eagles second-year offensive lineman, treated a group of his fellow players to dinner recently at New York City’s Del Frisco’s Steak House, the guys racked up a bill totaling a jaw-dropping $17, 747.86. Impressed — or possibly shocked — by the massive check, Johnson Tweeted a photo of his receipt.

Not to be outdone by a relative newbie, a few days later veteran Eagles offensive guard Evan Mathis Tweeted a closeup of his own Del Frisco’s receipt: a whopping $64,055.76. It made Johnson’s bill look like chump change. The caption read: “Teaching rookies a lesson.”

On Friday morning, after a few good laughs—by then the photo had gone viral and the world was outraged at the players’ gluttony—Mathis posted another photo of his colossal bill, which proved it was clearly a fake and taken in his kitchen, not at the restaurant. The receipt had been printed on 8½ by 11 computer paper; the “restaurant” table was tiny, and Mathis’ stainless steel refrigerator was visible in the background.

What made the prank especially effective was Mathis’ effort to make it all accurate. “He spent all day making sure the prices were right, making sure everything looked good,” Eagles center Jason Kelce told Philadelphia’s WIP Morning Show after the ruse was over.

“Last night was fun,” the victorious Mathis posted along with the “reveal” photo. “Thanks for the great reactions.”

Lane Johnson, it’s your move.

—Nancy Mattia

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