This could be a summer game changer.
sour patch kids ice cream bars
Credit: dadbodsnacks/Instagram

Sour Patch Kids have been taking on a ton of new forms this year — cereal, for example — and they’ve now been spotted in the frozen aisle.

The Instagram account @DadBodSnacks recently spotted these new frozen pops at the grocery store, and just like the OG Sour Patch Kids, the ice pops start off sour then turn sweet. The treat features a Redberry flavored shell with a vanilla ice cream center that is scattered with little sour patch bits.

This isn’t Sour Patch Kids’ first rodeo in the freezer, though. Sour Patch Fla-Vor-Ice pops hit stores last May in Redberry and Blue Raspberry flavors. The special pops have a sour side and a sweet side making a fun twist on a classic freeze pop. Sour Patch Tropical Swirl Ice Pops were also introduced last year.

So far, the new ice pops have been spotted at Meijer in a six-count box, but should be rolling out in more stores by the time winter ends.

Sour Patch cerealCredit: Post
Credit: Post

Sour Patch Kids have been making headlines for other interesting brand extensions this year, like the aforementioned Sour Patch Kids Cereal. The cereal has the same signature shape as the gummies and has a sour coating with a sweet finish, again like the beloved candy.

What will they come up with next?