November 13, 2015 12:40 PM

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We have something new to get excited about in the realm of lazy communication.

Yes, just as we’re coming down from the high of the new taco, burrito, and cheese emojis, there’s another batch of symbols vying for a spot on your smartphone.

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On Thursday, Unicode Consortium (the non-profit organization that is responsible for emojis) announced 7 new additions to the 67 other possible emoji candidates, all in the realm of food — a shrimp, a squid, an egg, a glass of milk, a peanut, a kiwifruit, and, perhaps most notably…pancakes.

Unicode Consortium

Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes. Typing out “brunch?” has been getting so exhausting.

The new candidates join other food items that are already in contention like bacon, avocado, croissant, carrot, potato, baguette, green salad, paella, and stuffed flatbread (which feels oddly specific, but we can’t say it wouldn’t come in handy from time to time).

The announcement makes it clear that these are merely up for consideration and some may be added and subtracted, but now that we have a taste of what could be it would be just too cruel to take it away from us.

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