'Tis The Season for Holiday Treats! All the New Candy Confections and Sweet Snacks in Stores Now

From Funfetti candy canes and gingerbread Kit Kats to ugly sweater Reese's and Apple Pie Toast Crunch cereal, there's plenty of sweet treats out to help celebrate the holidays 

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Pillsbury Soft Baked Cookies

pillsbury soft bake cookies

For the first time ever, Pillsbury is offering a holiday sweet that doesn't require an oven. These ready-to-eat holiday cookies are the Limited-Edition Pillsbury Soft Baked Sugar with Sprinkles and Drizzled Icing Cookies and are now available at grocery stores and retailers nationwide.

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Peeps Holiday Marshmallows


While some fans may consider Peeps to be an Easter sweet, two new holiday-themed treats may sway some opinions! With marshmallows shaped like stockings or hot chocolate-flavored marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate, Peeps is helping people get into the festive spirit.

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IT'SUGAR Merry Frick'n Christmas Box

Merry Frickn Christmas Candy

This goofy treat contains choocolate-flavored rock-shaped candy because even the naughtiest people deserve to satisfy their sweet tooth.

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M&M's White Chocolate Pretzel Snowballs

M&M’S White Chocolate Pretzel Snowballs

The newest M&M's flavor combines a white chocolate shell with a pretzel-filled center that makes up the M&M'S White Chocolate Pretzel Snowballs. These limited-edition candies are sweet, savory and perfectly festive.

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Samuel Adams and Compartes Chocolate Bar

holiday treats Compartes
Ben Gebo Photography

Samuel Adams and Compartes pair up to release The Utopias Bar: a holiday inspired chocolate bar. The bar mimics the cherry flavors of the limited release 2021 Samuel Adams Utopias. The combination of Compartes' rich dark chocolate and Samuel Adams' extreme barrel-aged beer studded with all-natural cherries creates a festive treat.

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Wondershop Sugar Cookie Kit

holiday sweets

It is 2021 and it is time to upgrade your cookie-building projects. With Wondershop, cookie kits are elevated to a Beach House Sugar Cookie Kit, Glitter Chateau Sugar Cookie Kit and Log Cabin Gingerbread Cookie Kit. For gluten-sensitive celebrators, the Snow Pals Meringue Cookie Kit is an alternative, but equally fun, activity.

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Brach's Funfetti and Wintergreen Candy Canes

Holiday candy

Ferrara is known for offering a slew of traditional and innovative candy cane flavors. New to the portfolio this year? A pair of delicious twists on the red-and-white-striped holiday go-to, courtesy of its Brach's brand. The Funfetti Candy Canes takes the beloved birthday cake flavor and marries it with the vibrant Funfetti dots fans know and love, with actual rainbow sprinkles inside each cane. And the Wintergreen Candy Canes provides a tasty, palate-cooling alternative to the traditional peppermint flavor, with a minty-green coloring to boot!

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Reese's Ugly Sweater

Hershey Holiday Candy

The goofy holiday attire just got a lot tastier. In this treat, milk chocolate and peanut butter creme are dressed up with an ugly sweater foil.

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Apple Pie Toast Crunch Cereal & More General Mills Favorites

Holiday candy
General Mills

Each year, General Mills offers a slew of holiday treats to get shoppers in the spirit. This year, they've introduced new Apple Pie Toast Crunch cereal, a seasonal twist on their über-popular Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch is also back, as it Buffy! Elf cereal — this time with new marshmallow shapes. There's Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch Mini Treats too, for those hungry for cereal in a bar form.

In addition, Yoplait and Lärabar have dressed up their packaging to be that much more festive. Lärabar's designs come in collaboration with Paper Culture, the brand dropping matching stationary and greeting cards as part of their partnership.

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Hershey's Grinch Kisses

holiday candy
The Hershey Company

These candies will have fans feeling "all toasty inside." It is the milk chocolate kiss with a spirit Grinch-themed foil wrap.

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Whoppers Snowballs

holiday candy
The Hershey Company

For the perfect mouth-poppable candies, look no further! The classic malted milk balls wrapped in new vanilla cream are perfect to snack on while watching a holiday movie.

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Chobani Oat Nog

Holiday candy

Eggnog lovers will enjoy this indulgent drink. Made from whole grain oats with non-GMO ingredients, this limited edition, vegan-friendly offering delivers a holiday favorite free of dairy, lactose, and gluten.

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Kit Kat Gingerbread Cookie

holiday candy
The Hershey Company

Enjoy all of the gingerbread cookie deliciousness without any of the frustrations from building a gingerbread house. Classic Kit Kat wafers combine with gingerbread-flavored creme in the cozy candy.

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Hershey's Sugar Cookie Bar

holiday candy
The Hershey Company

The Hershey's Sugar Cookie Kisses fans know and love have been supersized this year! This candy bar packs all of the sugar cookie taste in a Hershey's bar size.

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The Elf on the Shelf Kellogg's Cereal

Kellogg's Elf on the Shelf Cereals

The Elf on the Shelf Hot Cocoa Cereal is the newest holiday-flavored breakfast. The chocolate elf-inspired cereal joins The Elf on the Shelf Sugar Cookie Cereal, which was initially released in 2019.

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Cinnabon Signature Frosting Pints

Holiday candy

Cinnabon's limited-edition Signature Frosting pints are back this holiday season. Stuffed with the same cream cheese frosting that makes Cinnabon's cinnamon rolls oh-so delicious, the frosting can be used to make everything from a grilled cheese to a hot chocolate.

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Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream

Little Debbie Christmas Tree Ice Cream
Little Debbie

Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream is coming to stores near you on Nov. 1. The limited-edition ice cream will be available exclusively at Walmart. The vanilla-based ice cream combines gold cake chunks, green sprinkles and red icing, just like the decor on the original beloved cakes. The cake chunks might not be shaped like the iconic tree cakes but the price may give fans some extra cheer — each pint of the frozen treat costs $2.50.

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York Peppermint Pattie Snowflakes

York Peppermint Pattie Snowflakes

The snowflake shape matches the cool and minty flavors of the peppermint patties.

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Heath Miniature Toffee Bars

Hershey Holiday Candy

Nothing about the decadent Heath flavors have changed but the packaging gets a seasonal twist. Each toffee bar is wrapped in a spirited and metallic package.

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Toll House Holiday Cookie Dough

Nestlé Tollhouse Holiday Cookie Doughs

The new Nestlé holiday cookie dough flavors might not make it to a plate for Santa Claus's milk and cookies. With a selection of Red Velvet Cookie Dough, Peppermint Cocoa Cookie Dough, Gingerbread Cookie Dough and Snow Day Cookie Dough, the baked holiday cheer is endless.

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DEUX Ginger Doodle Cookie Dough

Deux Ginger Doodle Cookie Dough

This vegan and gluten-free cookie dough can be enjoyed from the jar or baked in the oven to cozy up. Each jar ginger-flavored dough is packed with ashwagandha and cinnamon.

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Hershey's Reindeer

Hershey Holiday Candy

The classic milk chocolate is available in a choice of Comet, Vixen and Dasher, so fans can choose their favorite of Santa's reindeers.

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Reese's Peanut Brittle Cup

holiday candy
The Hershey Company

Loaded with peanuts and peanut butter and coated with peanut brittle-flavored creme, this candy is crunchy, flavorful and holiday-themed.

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Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite

Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry
Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Sprite

Grab a glass and get ready to enjoy a spiced sparkly drink! The previously released Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite now has a zero sugar alternative.

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Tony's Chocolonely's Holiday-Wrapped Bars

Holiday candy
Tony’s Chocolonely

Gourmet chocolate-lovers can't get enough of Tony's Chocolonely. The chocolatier is back this year with brand-new holiday wrapped bars for three of their best-selling flavors: dark milk chocolate pretzel toffee, milk caramel sea salt, and dark chocolate almond sea salt. Perfect for gifting, the designs are as sweet as the chocolate itself. (Don't sleep on Tony's Chocolonely's Edible Tree Ornaments either).

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Jelly Belly Dark Chocolate Covered Jelly Beans

Holiday candy
Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly has a handful of holiday offerings, including a BeanBoozled Naughty or Nice gift box and Jelly Belly's 20-flavor Christmas Gift Boxes. But new this year is the brand's Dark Chocolate Covered Very Cherry Jelly Beans, which comes in a 3.8 oz gable box.

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