The couple share their cooking tips and tricks

While Neil Patrick Harris and his chef husband David Burtka are quite the foodies, they are not immune to mishaps in the kitchen.

The couple, who hosted the Broadway Tastes event at the New York City Wine & Food Festival on Sunday, revealed to PEOPLE their biggest fails in the kitchen, making us all feel a little better about our own mistakes.

Harris, 43, said his Christmas brisket was less than edible when his Big Green Egg failed on him one year.

“I was so excited and I watched all these YouTube videos of people, how to make brisket in a Big Green Egg,” he explains. “You have to cook it overnight and so at midnight, I’m there in the freezing cold and it’s low—low and slow, they say … I come up in the morning, it’s 7 or 8 and I open it up and it’s completely gone out.”

The How I Met Your Mother star says “low and slow does not win the race for me because it went to zero.”

Meanwhile Burtka, 41, who is a professional chef, says his mistake also happened at a critical time when he owned a catering company and was cooking bolognese sauce for a large party.

“I went to pour it and my hand slipped and it went everywhere,” Burtka says. “It was around 11 o’clock at night. The kids were infants. I just looked at Neil and started bawling because I had to start over that night.”

The couple, who also were a part of an-star panel of judges at Rachael Ray’s Burger Bash on Friday night, also revealed the number one mistake that they believe people make in the kitchen.

“People under salt their food and they think it’s bland but salt brings out flavor,” Burtka says. “So when you go to a restaurant that’s why it’s so flavorful because they salt in a process. They start in the beginning, the middle and the end.”

Luckily for their twins Harper and Gideon, 6, they’re learning these tricks at a young age.

“We cook everything with our family,” Burtka says. “We have a nice kitchen and this one knows how to cook,” adds Harris. “They go to farmer’s markets and get all kinds of fresh food, pastas, steaks.”

From breakfasts to baking, Burtka says the little ones are hands-on in the kitchen.

“The kids are really great at baking cupcakes, cookies, of course that kind of stuff, but I love delegating responsibilities for dinner so you have them picking herbs or I have plastic knives for them so they’re learning sort of how to chop,” he says. “It’s pretty great.”