The round candies come in eight flavors and will reappear on shelves starting in June after the brand's former owners shuttered in 2018

By Benjamin VanHoose
May 28, 2020 01:09 PM
Keith Beaty/Toronto Star via Getty

Fans of the polarizing wafer candy Necco Wafers have reason to celebrate.

On Wednesday, Spangler Candy announced that the candy, touted on the wrapper as "The Original Candy Wafer", will be available again this summer after disappearing in 2018.

"We've always admired the brand and how it's woven in with the fabric of our culture," Kirk Vashaw, chairman and CEO of Spangler Candy, told Today Food. "It's neat to be eating a candy that was carried by Civil War soldiers, and taken on Arctic and Antarctic expeditions, and issued to GIs in World War II as a morale booster. It's a piece of our history."

According to the company's website, the candies — the name an acronym for New England Confectionary Company, which first made them — date back to 1847.

The round candies come in eight flavors: lemon (yellow), lime (green), orange (orange), clove (light purple), cinnamon (white), wintergreen (pink), licorice (dark grey) and chocolate (brown).

All of the returned flavors were designed to "identically match" their original iterations, however, the chocolate ones features a revamped, "richer cocoa" taste from a "minor improvement made in the cooking process."


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Ohio-based Spangler Candy said Necco Wafers will be back in major drugstores in June and in other stores in July. They'll be found in participating stores like Dollar General, CVS, Big Lots, Food Lion, Kroger, Walgreens and more.

Vashaw told Today that the company was looking to provide an authentic throwback to the popular candies by changing little about them — even their wrappings!

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"We kept the wax wrap around the roll exactly the same and used the same supplier and everything," he said. "Candy is a simple joy in life and it's a simple reward. ... People want the same thing they remember as a kid. That's the beauty of candy — nostalgia."

According to USA Today, the original Necco factory shuttered in 2018 and was auctioned away, with Spangler Candy acquiring Necco Wafers and go-to Valentine's Day treats, Sweethearts. Spangler also owns Dum-Dums suckers and Spangler Circus Peanuts.