NE-YO Dishes on Jennifer Lopez's Big Appetite: She Can Eat 'Half a Pizza By Herself'

NE-YO talks World of Dance judge hangouts with PEOPLE Now and pizza parties at Jennifer Lopez's massive home

We all know that Jennifer Lopez loves pizza more than your average superstar, but could anyone have guessed how much?

Acclaimed R&B singer NE-YO stopped by the PEOPLE Now studios to talk about the forthcoming premiere of NBC’s high-stakes World of Dance, which he judges alongside Derek Hough and Lopez, in addition to working with fellow cast member and host, Jenna Dewan-Tatum. He revealed some interesting details about the cast’s after-show hangouts, particularly their frequent pizza parties at the home of Lopez.

“We hung out a couple times at J Lo’s home,” he said, revealing that the place was so big it was “embarrassing” for him and the other cast members.

“She lives on a literal compound,” said NE-YO of Lopez’s Bel-Air estate, “That’s where I realized just how much J. Lo can eat.” According to NE-YO, she is a prolific snacker and champion eater, finishing “a whole half a pizza by herself.”

“You’d never know by looking at her,” he added, “She works out like a beast.”

Despite this being the show’s first season, the cast already seemed to know each other quite well.

Opening up about the roles each of them played on the show, NE-YO said, “Jen is mom. She’s the cool mom. She’s the mom that lets you stay out late.” He also added that Derek Hough was the “goofball” of the bunch, while Jenna Dewan-Tatum played the “sweetheart.”

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As for himself? “I was dubbed the hard judge,” says NE-YO. “I don’t feel like I was tough. I felt like I was firm and fair. It’s a million dollars. You don’t just give away a million dollars. You have to earn a million dollars.”

You can catch more of NE-YO, J. Lo and the whole gang on Tuesday, May 30 during the premiere of World of Dance on NBC at 10 p.m. ET.

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