February 09, 2016 12:58 PM


Tuesday, February 9th is National Pizza Day.

But it’s also Pancake Day.

And National Bagel Day. (And let’s not forget Fat Tuesday is also today.)

Gourmands everywhere have never been so conflicted, as the battle over which food to honor today rages online and in the hearts and minds of all of us.

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First of all, happy empty carb day to you! Second of all, where do you stand? There’s a political race going on or something, but this is clearly the most pressing issue facing us today.

But in the face of such rancor, we *clap emoji* should *clap emoji* not *clap emoji* forget *clap emoji* the *clap emoji* real *clap emoji* issue.

And it’s important to remember that every day is what you make of it, beloved. Dare to dream. Be your best self. #Goals. Etc.

That said, pancakes and pizza definitely seem to be winning the war on Twitter, with 152K and 15.6K tweets, respectively, shortly before noon.

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Bagels seem to be getting short shrift. Even donuts are throwing shade.

But in the spirit of reconciliation and harmony, we would all do well to keep this in mind:

And you know, all things in moderation or whatever.

That said, moderation is highly overrated. However you’re celebrating, just make sure you have a good time. Life is too short to skip out on empty carbs and it’s just Tuesday and we have like, what, 3.5 days of this week left? Hard pass — unless it’s “a hard pass-me-the pizza, bagels and pancakes!” Lol!


— Alex Heigl, @alex_heigl

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