April 07, 2016 12:17 PM

Happy National Beer Day! In the words of Homer Simpson, “Homer no function beer well without.”

But! No beer is an island. Sometimes the best beers are the ones joined by other alcohols! Synergy, as it were. If you’re looking to get creative on this fine, fine holiday, you could do a lot worse than turning to Pinterest for some inspiration on how to craft just the dandiest beer cocktail to help you celebrate. Here are nine of our favorites — there’s one for every palate.

Ironically, this one is best enjoyed in the sunshine.

Liquid smoke is the secret ingredient in this twist on a classic Bloody Mary.

It’s like having a beer and a fruit salad at the Kentucky Derby!

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Ginger beer is still a beer!

This one’s a good excuse to practice your British accent.

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Another one with ginger beer, this one’s head-scratchingly weird name is simply too good to ignore.

It would be a mistake not to include the classic Mexican michelada in this roundup.

Try this one with the Sixpoint Bengali Tiger.

Lastly, just when you thought the tequila sunrise couldn’t get any more dangerous — there’s a reason this is called a “sunset” instead.

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And don’t feel bad for drinking all this beer: There are several (or, at least five) unexpected health benefits to the stuff, including lowering your arthritis risk and keeping your mental facilities sharp. So drink up, mostly guilt-free, on this glorious national holiday.

— Alex Heigl, @alex_heigl

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