"We feel like the lawsuit is totally baseless," Naked Juice GM Andrea Theodore tells PEOPLE.

By Shay Spence
Updated October 06, 2016 02:42 PM
Credit: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg/Getty

A recent lawsuit against Naked Juice may have consumers thinking twice about drinking their fruits and veggies.

The company, which is owned by PepsiCo., has been called out by consumer advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest for the high amount of sugar some of their products contain — one drink has as much as 61 g, which is 20 g more than a can of Pepsi — despite boasting the labels “No Added Sugar” and “Only the Best Ingredients.” The lawsuit claims these statements lead customers to believe that Naked Juice is healthier than it really is.

“We feel like the lawsuit is totally baseless,” Naked Juice GM Andrea Theodore tells PEOPLE. “I don’t think that we could be any more clear on our labels about what we’re providing so that [consumers] can make the right choices about what they want.”

Theodore says the sugar is derived from the ones fruits and vegetables contain naturally, therefore their labeling is accurate in that no additional sugar has been added. Further, she points out that all of their bottles display calorie counts on the front label. Because of this, Theodore says she “would be surprised if consumers didn’t know” what they were getting when they buy the product.

And while she admits she is “absolutely” concerned with the potential backlash this lawsuit could have for her brand, she is “absolutely not” planning to make changes to the labeling or the product. “This is a nutrient-rich beverage and that sometimes comes with a tradeoff,” she says. “If I’m giving you that nutrition and it’s coming with a fruit and veggie blend, you’re going to get calories with that. And I don’t feel bad about those calories.”

“I think as a leader, sometimes you get put out in front for different interest groups to make a statement or pursue a cause,” she says, adding, “I feel very confident that through this, consumers will be able to see that we’ve been committed to transparency about what we provide for over 30 years.”