To quote Kris Jenner: "This is a case for the FBI." 
In N Out burger found in Queens
Credit: Lincoln Boehm/ Instagram

Now this is what we call mystery meat.

Over the weekend, a New York man found a double-double burger from In-N-Out sitting untouched, in pristine condition, on an empty street in Jamaica, Queens. The man, 31-year-old Lincoln Boehm, posted a photo of the still-perfectly-wrapped burger to his personal Instagram page, describing the sighting as “the most confusing thing I’ve ever experienced. Ever.”

A celeb-favorite burger chain, In-N-Out has been synonymous with the West Coast ever since it opened in California in 1948, and the closest location to N.Y.C. is more than 1,500 miles away. To quote the one and only Kris Jenner: “This is a case for the FBI.”

Boehm told the New York Post that he had been heading to McDonald’s for breakfast when he saw the out-of-state burger around 6:30 am on Saturday. The Brooklyn-based creative director was waiting for an early morning train at the Jamaica Long Island Railroad station with his wife, who serves as his witness. “We didn’t touch it,” he said. “We stopped for a second and took photos and looked around to see if anyone else was noticing it and then we walked on.”

Originally from Santa Monica, Boehm told the outlet that a burger from In-N-Out would be “my death row last meal,” so seeing one so far from its home “genuinely shook me to my core.” Boehm is so dedicated to In-N-Out, in fact, he says he’s probably eaten more than 1,000 of their burgers in his lifetime, and has tried many times to transport them from California to New York, to no avail. “Every time I’ve done it it becomes inedible,” he said. “The bun gets soggy and it becomes a mess. This one was just in such perfect condition… It just felt strange.”

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Boehm said he originally assumed that the mystery burger was a part of a publicity stunt, but a representative from In-N-Out has since debunked that theory, telling Vice, “We were surprised to hear recently that one of our Double-Doubles was found on a street in New York. Because our burgers are only cooked fresh to order in six states, it must have taken considerable planning for that burger to make the trip from the grill all the way to the Empire State. So while it is a mystery as to how one of our burgers ended up in Queens, we’re sure someone is having a good laugh.”

And while no conclusion has been drawn quite yet, it seems the people of the internet have been teaming up to get to the bottom of it. “I’ve got a direct message inbox filled with [theories],” Boehm said. “But I would really really love to know the truth… I want to know how this happened.”