January 27, 2016 10:54 AM

Taj Robinson seemed ready to quit during a heated track workout on last week’s episode of My Diet Is Better Than Yours, and this week, Robinson may actually take the plunge.

In an exclusive clip from Thursday night’s episode, Robinson reveals to host Shaun T that she no longer wants to follow her trainer Jennifer Cassetta’s Strong, Safe & Sexy plan.

“I made an executive decision yesterday and I went off my diet,” she says during weigh-in.

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Shaun T asks why she has decided to make such a drastic choice, and Robinson explains that she “had an exchange with Jennifer that left me feeling not positive.”

Cassetta tells Shaun T that things went south during a Hapkido yellow belt test she was giving Robinson.

“Just at the very, very end, something switched,” said Cassetta. “There was a shutdown, there was attitude, right as I was presenting her with her yellow belt, and that’s all I know.”

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Robinson doesn’t elaborate on her side of the story, but tells Shaun T she has no plans to continue her training with Cassetta.

“I appreciate everything Jennifer has done thus far, but her services are no longer required,” she says.

Shaun T explains that if she quits her diet plan, she must leave the competition.

Will Robinson complete her weigh-in and stick with her plan, or will she really leave the competition this time?

My Diet Is Better Than Yours airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

Gabrielle Olya, @GabyOlya

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