After a tweet went viral asking viewers to share their movie theater snack routines, theatergoers shared their best smuggling stories.

By Madison Roberts
May 01, 2018 01:46 PM

Despite the “No Outside Food or Beverages” signs on display outside of nearly every movie theater in America, sneaking snacks into the theater has become an unspoken American pastime. Many people opt for large purses to smuggle in their favorite candy or popcorn, while others stuff snacks in their pockets or under their shirts — all in the name of saving some money by avoiding the hiked-up concession prices. Even Chrissy Teigen once jokingly said she was going to sneak a whole dinner into John Krasinski’s movie A Quiet Place.

So when Nicole Cliffe, a writer and journalist based in Utah, asked her Twitter followers to share their theater “snack system at the current time, be it lawful or smuggled,” moviegoers confessed that snack-sneaking has reached a new level.

Some tweeters admitted to sneaking entire meals into the theater depending on the time of day they attend the show, while others outed their friends for smuggling in a whole cooked chicken.

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Some people got creative, bringing in chocolates in tampon boxes for fear of being caught, while others pushed the limits for which snacks are smuggle-able when they brought in everything from ice cream cones in their pockets to peel n’ eat shrimp stuffed in their bra.

Others opted for liquid diets at the theater, with many people admitting to bringing in alcohol. But while one woman acknowledged that she wasn’t bold enough to sneak in any larger items herself, she once witnessed a man brew coffee on the front row.

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So the next time you’re considering smuggling snacks in your extra large purse, get creative. It seems the movie theater is the newest place to bring your entire carton of takeout.