People Have Very Strong Opinions on Molly Yeh's Midwestern 'Popcorn Salad'

The now-viral recipe includes a mayo-based dressing, crunchy veggies, and of course, popcorn

Molly yeh popcorn salad
Molly Yeh. Photo: food network/ Facebook

The internet is divided over one of Molly Yeh's culinary creations.

A clip of the Food Network star making her "Crunchy Snap Pea Popcorn Salad" has gone viral, with people weighing in on everything from its supposed Midwestern roots to its general delectability.

The video is from an episode of Yeh's show, Girl Meets Farm, and was original posted to Food Network's Facebook page back in February, but a re-share on Twitter from @AudVisuals on Sunday is seemingly responsible for the renewed interest.

Listen below to the episode of our daily podcast PEOPLE Every Day for more details on Molly Yeh's popcorn salad recipe that went viral.

In the nearly 5-minute clip, Yeh, 31, cheerfully takes viewers through the recipe that she calls "so Midwestern, so quirky and so delicious."

The recipe includes mayonnaise, sour cream, Dijon mustard, white-cheddar popcorn seasoning (a.k.a. "magic cheesy dust"), carrots, sugar snap peas, vinegar, shallots, celery, watercress, sugar, salt — and, of course, popcorn.

"Popcorn salad is one of those classic Midwestern dishes that you would often find in a church-basement potluck," says Yeh, who hails from Chicago. "You don't think it's gonna work, but then you taste it and it's really good."

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Molly yeh popcorn salad
Molly Yeh's "Popcorn Salad". food network/ Facebook

Comments were divided on the clip, with one user writing, "Born and raised in Wisconsin and never heard of popcorn salad. Doesn't sound good to me."

"Never going to put popcorn in anything moist aside from butter," another Midwestern individual wrote. "Gonna pass this one on to the south."

Others seemed more open-minded, with one person from Michigan saying, "[I] have never heard of popcorn salad. Willing to try though."

"Popcorn salad is so yummy," another Facebook user commented. "I make mine a little different. I know it sounds weird but it's so yummy. Ya have to try it just once."

Molly yeh popcorn salad
Molly Yeh's "Popcorn Salad". food network/ Facebook

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Yeh, who has almost 700,000 Instagram followers, regularly shares her food creations on social media and her show. She is probably best known for her love of sprinkles (get her recipe for Confetti Biscotti here — there's no popcorn included, promise!)

In 2016, she released a cookbook titled Molly on the Range: Recipes and Stories from An Unlikely Life on a Farm.

She lives in North Dakota with her husband Nick Hagen and daughter, Bernie.

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