In a hilarious essay for the Washington Post, Molly McNearney details how annoying it can be to have such a creative and overachieving husband


Molly McNearney has had it up to here with her husband Jimmy Kimmel’s elaborate pancake creations.

In a hilarious essay for the Washington Post, the 39-year-old Jimmy Kimmel Live! co-head writer details how annoying it can be to have such a creative and overachieving husband.

“You may know my husband, Jimmy Kimmel, at night. Late at night. He’s funny and smart and sometimes reflective. He works exceptionally hard to entertain,” McNearney writes. “But I know him in the morning, and he’s annoying. Really annoying. And not in a typical way. Oh no. Never typical. He’s annoying in a highly productive, quietly creative, intensely aggravating way.”

Namely, he makes pancakes. But not just ordinary pancakes, he makes pancake art “like a lumberjack psychopath,” she says.

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But why does McNearny find her husband’s pancake creations so infuriating? Because her skills in the kitchen don’t exactly measure up.

“I wake tired and guilt-ridden and resigned to sluggishly pouring my toddler a bowl of Cheerios, and magically, Dad marches down the stairs to make pancakes. That would make a mother happy, right? It does. The first half-dozen times,” she said, before adding, “Now I feel inadequate.”

Kimmel, who first began making pancakes for the family last year, quickly started getting more creative with his culinary masterpieces until he was making colorful, detail-filled cartoon characters — without using a stencil.

The act has resulted in their 3½-year-old daughter Jane still asking for a work of pancake art even when Kimmel is away from their home.

“I cave and nervously promise her a pancake. ‘I’ll make you a ‘brown ball!’ ” writes McNearney. “She looks at me with confusion, followed by pity and then disgust. A tantrum follows.”

“Being a mother is hard enough,” she continued. “Pancake artist is NOT in the job description. I attempted a smiley face once. I don’t want to talk about it.”

In July of last year, PEOPLE asked Kimmel to share the secrets behind his intricate gribble cakes, and while the comedian said his success mostly boiled down to the fact that he used to spend hours drawing as a kid, he did share a few tips budding pancake artists can try at home.

“I just add organic food coloring to pancake mix and I put each one in a squirt bottle and I’ll just kind of squirt it out on to the pan,” he said, adding that using a non-stick griddle pan is another key to a successful creation.

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The 50-year-old also revealed that when it comes to choosing what adorable creation he’ll make next, the credit entirely belongs to Jane. “My daughter makes requests and then I have to obey those requests,” he said.

But even though his culinary skills may sometimes get on his wife’s nerves, Kimmel told PEOPLE that cooking for his family is something he tries to do as often as possible.

“For me, the work that I do is fleeting. You do a show, it airs, and then it’s gone. Then you do another show, it airs, and then it’s gone. Cooking, I feel like I’m making something that’s real,” he said. “I just think there’s a primal pleasure to feeding your family, and I love to eat, so that’s part of it.”