Would you try them?

Bowl Of m&m's.
Credit: Getty

Say hola to what might be M&M’s most unorthodox flavor yet—Mexican Jalapeño Peanut.

The spicy new chocolate candy—which was spotted on shelves by Instagram user @snackchatlive—appears to be far different from the sweeter flavors the Mars brand has launched recently like caramel or mint, but we’re excited to see how fans will take this one.

The flavor debut is reportedly part of a new line of three “internationally inspired flavors,” as the package shows.

The green package also showcases the candy’s classic M&M character Yellow, this time sporting a sombrero and holding jalapeño peppers to match the flavor.

To complete the international flavor trio, an English Toffee Peanut and Thai Coconut Peanut flavor also appear to have been released.

Unfortunately, if you’re not a fan of or are allergic to peanuts, these new flavors won’t be for you.

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It has not been confirmed yet as to when this year the new varieties will be available, but we’re definitely hoping to get a taste soon.