If there was American Idol for M&M's, this would be it.


By Collier Sutter
March 07, 2018 11:04 AM
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If there was American Idol for M&M’s, this would be it.

The candy company announced on Wednesday that they will be rolling out three limited edition flavors—Crunchy Expresso, Crunchy Raspberry and Crunchy Mint—as part of their Flavor Vote campaign. So if you want to be snacking on chocolates that taste like your morning coffee, something tart, or something minty fresh, the power is in your hands.

All the new flavors are made with dark chocolate and covered in the brand’s classic and bright crispy shells. Inside Crunchy Raspberry is a regular rice crisp center, while the Crunchy Espresso and Crunchy Mint rice crisp centers are cocoa.

Fans can cast their vote via text or social media. You can send in your ballot by taking a “selfie” at flavorvote.mms.com and adding stickers to the photo representing your flavor pick; if Twitter is your social handle of choice, share your opinion with #VoteCrunchyEspresso, #VoteCrunchyRaspberry or #VoteCrunchyMint; or if you find it easiest to vote via text, send the word “VOTE” to 84444.

Credit: M&Ms

The three new chocolate varieties are on select shelves now, but will be available nationwide starting April 1. You can get your vote in through May 25.

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The winning flavor will be announced in August and it will continue to be in stores nationwide for an 18-month period.