The brand's new commercial will undoubtedly bring forth major holiday feels.


Prepare to have your heart deeply warmed: M&M’s is gifting their chocolate-loving fans with a continuation of the brand’s beloved Christmas commercial this holiday season.

The original ad, which debuted in 1996 and has aired every year since, features the company’s mascots Red and Yellow running into Santa delivering gifts on Christmas Eve—with both Red and St. Nick subsequently fainting on the floor, in awe of each other’s existence.

And for 20 years, we’ve all had to twiddle our thumbs wondering…what happens next? Until now, thanks to “Faint 2: A Very Yellow Sequel”.

In the follow-up (above), famously-clumsy Yellow takes Christmas duties into his own hands. Though he delivers Santa’s presents to all the wrong homes, he unwittingly highlights the true spirit of the holidays, forcing neighbors to come outside and interact with each other.

Michael Magee, VP Growth Acceleration, Mars, Inc. explains: “We want to bring everyone together with M&M’S once again this holiday season by highlighting the true meaning of Christmas for a new generation of fans.”

The commercial will make its television debut Wednesday night during the annual Christmas Tree lighting at Rockefeller Center in New York, but is available on the company’s YouTube page now.

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After watching, you’ll be ready to get out milk and cookies for the man in the red suit—like, now.