All About the Workout That Keeps Missy Elliott in Shape

Missy Elliott/Shaun T

Missy Elliott knows how to work it!

The 44-year-old hip-hop star – who showcased her svelte figure in an Amazon Echo Super Bowl ad – stays in shape with Beachbody’s FOCUS T25 workouts, created by celebrity trainer Shaun T.

“T25 is a workout I created for people that were short on time, and want to get as much of a workout in [as they can] in a short time,” Shaun T tells PEOPLE.

Each workout is 25 minutes, and each day has a different focus – cardio, total body, lower body, abs and speed.

“It’s an all-encompassing workout,” says Shaun T. “It’s a really good mixture of toning, cardio and core stability.”

And he promises people of all fitness levels can do it.

“With T25, I don’t get you to a point where you are overwhelmed,” Shaun T explains. “You work hard, but it’s only one body part at a time so you can continue on.”

Shaun T created three levels of the workout – alpha, beta and gamma – and says Missy Elliott has made it all the way up to the gamma level.

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“What she really enjoyed about it is the [short] time,” he says. “It’s manageable, it’s doable, and I think she really likes Shaun T!”

Gabrielle Olya, @GabyOlya

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