March 20, 2015 11:11 AM

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Yet again, Mindy Kaling proves she’s a girl after our own Shamrock-shake loving hearts.

Earlier this month, The Mindy Project star surprised her show’s cast, crew, and writers with an extravagant spread of McDonald’s fare, including such luxe essentials as chicken McNuggets, Happy Meals and Shamrock Shakes (the cult-favorite, seasonal mint milkshake).

Oh, and the love is mutual. Last year, McDonald’s tweeted at the star an adorable birthday message:

Which is why Conan O’Brien posed some serious questions for Kaling about her fast-food allegiances last night on Conan.

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“You Tweet a lot about McDonald’s. To The point where I think you’re on their payroll…are you in McDonald’s pocket?” O’Brien asked.

Kaling shot down O’Brien’s suspicions, admitting that fast-food makes sense for her long hours (and her impatience.) Plus, she loves that McDonald’s offer healthy options like salads and apple slices—not that she eats them. “I like seeing them,” she says. “Then, I’m like, ‘I’ll have a quarter pounder please.'”

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Kaling suspects her obsession with the chain—she eats there about twice a week—comes from her overly healthy upbringing, during which she was denied such delicacies as McNuggets.

“I’m an adult,” Kaling said of her fast-food lifestyle. “I don’t have to live until I’m 80.”

—Maria Yagoda

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