'Chef Mindy Is Back': Mindy Kaling Shares a 'Really Yummy' Snack Recipe She Makes for Her Baby

The actress gave fans a glimpse into her weekly meal prep on Sunday.

Look out, Jennifer Garner—there’s a new actress getting into the “pretend cooking show” business.

On Sunday, Mindy Kaling, who has previously shared her recipes for chocolate chip cookies and DIY baby food, gave fans an inside look at her weekly meal prep for her 7-month-old daughter Katherine while whipping up a sweet treat.

“Today I thought it’d be really yummy to make banana date peanut butter,” she says. “This is one of those baby foods that like I legit would eat.”

The first step is to peel the bananas and slice them into small pieces, Kaling demonstrates.

Mindy Kaling Instagram

Next she says to de-pit your dates: “I don’t think so, pits, not in my baby food.”

Kaling then says she uses organic crunchy peanut butter without salt because babies can’t handle added salt.


After mixing the ingredients together in a blender (while doing a little dance), Kaling says she needs to make a few adjustments.

Mindy Kaling Instagram

“My proportions were off and it was a little clumpy,” she says before adding some water to smooth out the mixture.

She then pours the peanut butter into a Kushies Silitray for freezing—a tip she has previously noted makes feeding time easier when she is working.

“This is so good. Should I have it instead of giving it to my daughter?” she asks. “Will you tell her?”

In April, the A Wrinkle in Time actress opened up to Hoda Kotb about motherhood and the bond she has developed with her baby girl.

“She’s so great. I just love being a mom. It’s just incredible,” said Kaling, 38. “It’s zero feedback except for crying for the longest time. And then you start wondering, ‘Does she care about me [or] know about me besides that I’m a food source for her?’”

She continued: “She bleeds over into all parts of my life. Sometimes I find myself staring at my phone at a photo of her in a meeting. I’m just looking lovingly at a photo and everyone’s like, ‘What are you doing?’ I don’t know … it’s a great feeling.”

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