The iconic treats are making an appearance in honor of the character's recent 90th birthday.
Credit: WDW News Today

A little bit of Disney magic is coming to grocery stores this February.

To celebrate 90 years of the Mickey Mouse, who made his official debut as Steamboat Willie in an animated short in 1928, Nestlé has paired up with Disney to help bring a small but very beloved piece of Disney parks to your home for a limited time. It’s the first time the adorable chocolate-covered ice cream bars shaped like the iconic character are going to be available in grocery stores.

The Mickey True Original ice cream bars come in a box of six, each bar made with light ice cream and clocking in at 210 calories.

The Disney treat box will be sold for $7.49, whereas one individual bar at the park costs $5.75, according to the Miami Herald.

Just months ago, Nabisco also partnered with Disney to create a limited-edition Oreo to also commemorate the character’s big birthday.

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The cookies are the same classic shape but with individual designs featuring Mickey etched into them. The center is stuffed with confetti birthday cake filling.

Beyond ice cream bars and Oreos in stores, Disney has been celebrating the milestone anniversary with various new menu items across the parks, and also opened a pop-up art exhibit in New York City (which serves Ample Hills’ new Mickey-themed ice cream pints.)