Michelle Duggar Sparks Debate After Renaming Deviled Eggs to 'Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs' on Easter

Some people criticized Michelle Duggar's creative name for the brunch staple, and others were just confused.

Duggar family

The Duggar family has an interesting nickname for a popular springtime dish.

The family matriarch Michelle Duggar sparked internet debate when she posted a photo of her daughters making what are traditionally called deviled eggs for Easter weekend. The photo looks normal enough, but the twist lies in the caption: “Made some ‘Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs’ together with Johannah and Jordyn! They’re one of our favorites! 💛,” she wrote.

The post from the devout Christian family prompted hundreds of comments, some criticizing Michelle’s creative new name for the brunch staple, some jumping on board with it, and some who were just plain confused.

Duggar family
The Duggar family. Duggar Family/Instagram

“I love and appreciate the duggars…but cmon. Yellow pocket angel eggs? Smh,” wrote one user.

“What a stupid name for Deviled Eggs,” another put it simply.

“Why does your family call them that?” wrote another. “My family calls them deviled eggs.”

“I love the name!” one supporter added. “Why give the devil any more popularity when his works already run rampant in our society. (Just sayin).”

While others argued in the comments about whether it was sacrilegious or not to call them deviled eggs, one user offered a lesson on the origin of the name: “You know ‘deviled’ is the technique and has nothing to do with ‘the Devil’, right? They’re homonym.”

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The New Food Lover’s Companion confirms this statement, with their definition for devil reading: “To combine a food with various hot or spicy seasonings such as red pepper, mustard, or Tabasco sauce, thereby creating a ‘deviled’ dish.”

Our sister publication Food & Wine points out that there are many other dishes you can “devil,” like cocktails (think a cayenne pepper rim), or crab cakes.

If all this egg talk has you feeling hungry, we have a recipe for the controversial food that’s delicious no matter what you call them.

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