February 12, 2016 04:01 PM

Brittany Evans

Meryl Davis has a unique perspective when it comes to fueling her body.

The 2014 Olympic gold medal-winning ice dancer (and Dancing with the Stars champ with Maksim Chmerkovskiy) says no lifestyle should be one-size-fits-all. “It’s interesting as an athlete to see headlines like ‘Try This Diet’ or ‘Do This Workout.’ I think it’s better to tailor your diet or workout to your particular body’s needs, rather than trying to fit into something that’s ready-made,” she tells PEOPLE.

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Davis, 29, who stars in Paul Mitchell Shall We Dance on Ice, part of the Colgate Skating Series (airing Saturday at 3 p.m . ET on ABC), says, “finding the nutritional balance your body needs is important,” says Davis. “I’m on the road so much and feel more energized when I eat red meat and carbs.”

As for workouts, she says skating is naturally her main form of exercise. But she also trains with running, light weights and ab work.

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This month, Davis and her ice dancing partner Charlie White have been performing in Zurich, Switzerland, in Art on Ice, and they’ll be making their way across the U.S. with Stars on Ice this spring. And the travel abroad has a fun fringe benefit. “I’m such a chocoholic and being in Switzerland has been the best,” she says. “They told us that we can tour a nearby chocolate factory. I’m definitely looking forward to that!”

Also in the ice dancer’s sights? The possibility of another Olympics.

“We certainly haven’t taken the possibility off the table,” the University of Michigan student (she’s taking classes online and will soon graduate with a degree in cultural anthropology) says of the 2018 Games. “I think that coming out of Sochi, we were excited to take a step back from competition. But a year later, people started asking us if we’d consider competing again. We’ve discussed it briefly, but we’re going to wait and decide later on.”

—Barbara Stepko

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