March 10, 2015 04:34 PM


When the internet went into a tizzy over the “Hot Dudes Reading” Instagram account last month, we all thought, “Could this get any better?” How naive of us.

Enter Men & Coffee.

The “steamy” Instagram account features, as you would expect, handsome guys holding cups of coffee. There’s a dude here for everyone’s tastes: men with cute dogs, men brewing coffee (shirtless, of course), men with tattoos, men with that perfect “I know what you’re thinking” stare. It’s like porn for the caffeine-addicted.

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The account has already amassed over 57,000 followers in the three months it’s been active, and for good reason. It combines two things we know the web loves: attractive men and coffee. It’s truly the perfect storm for anyone looking for a hot cup o’ joe (or Nick or Brandon or Kyle).

If gawking at photos isn’t enough, Men & Coffee features an online store with shirts that read “Ok, But First Coffee” and “I Donut Care,” both of which we need for obvious reasons. Plus, they have a sister site aptly named Women & Coffee. You may also want to check out the hashtag #menandcoffee if you need a fix and you’ve already gone through the 274 posts. (Not that we did that, or anything.)

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—Jillian Lucas

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