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August 19, 2016 11:38 AM

Melania Trump and Bill Clinton are going head-to-head in the kitchen.

The prospective first spouses are participating in Family Circle‘s long-standing cookie bake-off, with each submitting a recipe. Renamed the Presidential Cookie Poll – for 24 years it was called the Family Circle First Lady Cookie Contest –  due to the possibility of having the White House’s first-ever first husband, the competition is an election year tradition.

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The magazine released both recipes on its website today, so readers can vote for their favorite. Mrs. Donald Trump is offering a star cookie sugar cookie with a twist (the mom-of-1’s version is made with sour cream).

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Family Circle
Family Circle

The former President’s recipe is already a winner. The Clinton family’s chocolate chip cookies, as they are called, was actually submitted by Hillary during her husband’s run for office (she won against Barbara Bush 1992 and Elizabeth Dole in 1996).

Family Circle
Family Circle

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It should be noted that the spouse with the victorious cookie has gone on to reside in the White House in five out of the six competitions.

So who will taste sweet victory when the voting concludes on October 4th? It’s up to you, America.

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