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When it comes to special diets, Mel B has tried them all.

“I’ve done everything. I did vegan for a couple of weeks, a gluten-free food delivery that me and my husband tried for a few of days, juice cleanses,” says the America’s Got Talent host, 40. But besides a few fads here and there, she keeps it simple. “Overall I like to make sure I eat a good amount of protein and vegetables.”

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While she doesn’t fancy breakfast, the former Spice Girl and mom of three says she looks forward to husband Stephen Belafonte’s home-cooked meals. “Sometimes he’ll make proper Heinz beans on toast,” says Brown. “It’s an English thing and so yummy with a bit of pepper on it.”

As for how she continues to look so great, “I don’t have a secret,” she says. “Everything in moderation.”

Check out her daily food log below — and pick up the new issue of PEOPLE (on newsstands now) to read more about her diet.

Three to four liters of still water

1 cup plain oatmeal
Small hot vanilla soy latte with an extra shot from Coffee Bean

2 kale wraps with mushroom, tomato, cucumber, green peppers, green onion and balsamic vinegar
1 slice dark rye bread with avocado

Vero Greens juice from L.A. Juice

Grilled chicken breast with hot chili spices
Cauliflower boiled and pureed with salt and pepper (“fake mashed potatoes!”)

Handful of gummy bears

Total Calories

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“Her calories are a little low for a busy and active mom,” says dietitian Keri Glassman of “She could certainly afford a little more.” Glassman gives Brown credit, though, for her healthy choices — “excellent to swap mashed potatoes for the power-food cauliflower!” — but says breakfast could use some bulking up. “Chopped Brazil nuts or chia seeds sprinkled on top of her oats, or an egg on the side, would add some good protein and fat.”

NOTE: It is recommended that women eat at least 1,200 calories per day, an men should eat at least 1,800 calories per day.

—Janine Rayford Rubenstein

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